Blue Bull Didn’t Wash, Clients Tell Cowboys

     SALT LAKE CITY (CN) – Babe the Blue Ox he ain’t. Majestic Media and Zoller Laboratories sued the Professional Bull Riders Inc., saying they hired it to provide a “blue bull” to promote Zoller’s “Zantrex” energy drink, and the cowboys used a “drab” food coloring that rubbed off too easily, making Zantrex the bull look “dirty and sick” by the time it appeared for the crowd.

     Despite the failure of the blue bull, the Bull Riders have demanded another $150,000 from Majestic Media, the plaintiffs say.
     Au contraire, the plaintiffs want damages from the cowboys. They are represented by Evan Strassberg in Salt Lake County Court.
     (Babe the Blue Ox was Paul Bunyan’s companion, who accompanied Bunyan when he created the Grand Canyon by dragging his ax behind him. Paul Bunyan combed his hair with that ax. So they say.)

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