Bizarre Sex Complaint|Against School Worker

     SALINAS, Calif. (CN) – A high school drug counselor lured students to his campus office, where he videotaped them having sex, a girl claims in court.
     Gilbert Olivares, 37, pleaded no contest to 56 charges of child sex abuse and was sentenced to 16 years in prison last year. Evidence against him included 13 videos of students engaged in sexual activity inside Olivares’ office at Salinas High School.
     One of them, Jane Doe, sued Salinas Union High School District, Olivares, and Sunrise House, the drug prevention program that employed him, in Monterey County Court.
     Doe claims that during her freshman year in the spring of 2010-2011, Olivares coerced a male student to take her to his office so he could secretly film them having sex.
     Olivares arranged for both students to be excused from their classes and left them alone, then used his cell phone to record it, according to the complaint.
     Doe was 14 at the time.
     She claims that “Olivares engaged in repeated, highly inappropriate interactions with many students,” including “sexually abusing and molesting both male and female students at Salinas High School, including directing male and female students to engage in sexual activity in his office before school, during school and after school so that Olivares could either watch, participate and/or video record sexual activity for his own personal sexual gratification. Olivares also personally engaged in sexual activity in his office with students before, during and after school at Salinas High School,” according to the complaint.
     Doe claims that Olivares was so obvious that the school and Sunrise House should have known what he was doing.
     She seeks punitive damages for sexual abuse of a minor, negligence, breach of duty and false imprisonment.
     She is represented by David Ring with Taylor & Ring in Los Angeles.

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