Bill Cosby Appeals Ruling|That Unsealed Testimony

     (CN) – Attorneys for Bill Cosby on Monday appealed a judge’s decision to unseal court files that quote him at length about his sexual proclivities, including giving women Benadryl and Quaaludes before sexual encounters.
     The one-page document, filed in the case Andrea Costand v. William H.. Cosby, Jr., merely states that the comedian is appealing to the Third Circuit from an order lifting seal on confidential documents.
     The filing comes four days after his attorneys filed a motion to enforce the confidential settlement he reached with Costand in 2006.
     “Central to the bargain was Plaintiff’s promise to abide by the agreement’s confidentiality provisions. For more than a year, Plaintiff has been breaching those provisions,” the motion says.
     “The most egregious breach occurred less than a week ago when Plaintiff’s court reporter released the complete transcript of Defendant’s confidential deposition to the national media,” it continues. “Plaintiff’s court report claimed to have had no idea that the deposition was supposed to be treated as confidential. And yet the Settlement Agreement expressly obligated Plaintiff and her counsel ‘to use their best efforts to ensure that their respective … consultants, agents … and vendors comply with the confidentiality provisions’ of the agreement, including the requirement to keep depositions and other documents confidential.”
     “Far from using their ‘best efforts’ to ensure compliance with the confidentiality provisions, Plaintiff and her counsel appear to have made no effort whatsoever,” the motion says.
     The deposition in question contains Cosby’s only testimony under oath about the accusations he sexually assaulted at least two dozen women, some of them after they were drugged.
     At present, two lawsuits against related to those accusations are pending, one, a civil sexual-assault case in California; the other, a defamation suit filed in Massachusetts.
     Attorneys for Cosby did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Courthouse News.

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