Bill Clinton Touts Hillary’s Debate Prowess in Ohio

     TOLEDO, Ohio (CN) — Touring Ohio on Tuesday after Hillary Clinton emerged a clear winner at her first debate with Donald Trump, a raspy-voiced President Bill Clinton greeted supporters in Toledo as part of a National Voter Registration Day event.
     “Did she have a good debate or what?” Clinton asked the crowd of boisterous Hillary supporters. They agreed. (Click the link to see video of the speech.)
     The rally was held in an older gymnasium at Waite High School with two upper levels surrounding the basketball court.
     Packing the antique gym were members of the general public along with several high school students hoisting campaign signs as well as homemade versions on the higher levels. The students chanted “Love Trumps Hate!” and “We Want Bill!” between the opening speakers and implored the other supporters to join in.
      The former president was quick to paint a picture of how the first debate Monday demonstrated stark differences between his wife Hillary and her Republican “opponent.”
     Clinton did not mention Trump by name but frequently distinguished his wife from the reality-television star with regard to philosophy and temperament, a buzz word at Monday night’s debate.
     “This election should be about issues, not insults,” Clinton said to the approving crowd.
     Clinton put on his bifocals before wading into the subject of the country’s trade deals.
     Trump had argued at the debate that his opponent had a poor track record in this arena, but President Clinton told the Toledo crowd on Tuesday that the United States needed global partners to grow the economy.
     Clinton acknowledged that the deals have not always been perfect but chalked any failures up to poor enforcement and outside factors.
     Jobs had been a big debate topic too, and the Democratic candidate’s husband mentioned that Indiana-based manufacturer Carrier Corp. had decided recently to shift production to Mexico at the cost of 2,100 American jobs.
     Clinton said they did so to chase profits for “activist shareholders” and executives, and to break the local union.
     “That needs to change,” he said.
     Clinton said tax cuts should be given to businesses that invest in their workforce, and that smaller businesses should have an easier time obtaining loans and credit.
     He also talked about unity with the nation’s police departments. He said his wife met with police officials in Dallas, Texas, who wholeheartedly recommended more training for officers with extra attention on mental health.
     The packed auditorium became stuffy after time, in spite of the cool, fall air outside. Some people were overwhelmed enough to leave and cool down in the school hallways. Paramedics were on stand-by.
      Donald Trump supporters and Clinton protesters were limited to a few people driving around the school in a rusty Dodge Ram pickup truck with a snow plow attached to the front. Some curious neighbors watched from their yards as cars lined the streets and supporters converged on the school.
     Bobbie Davis of Toledo drove to the school to show support for Mrs. Clinton. She watched the debate the night before and was disappointed in Trump’s lack of substance.
     “He didn’t say nothing,” Davis said.
      Ohio Rep. Teresa Fedor, D-Toledo, introduced the candidate’s husband Tuesday and admonished Trump for empty statements.
     “Your sacrifices don’t even come close,” Fedor growled.
     After the Toledo rally, Mr. Clinton headed to Cleveland to address Ginn Academy. The Clintons’ daughter Chelsea spoke at the University of Toledo last week.

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