Biden Edges Sanders in Washington Primary  

(AFP) — Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in Washington state Monday, another boost for the frontrunner who is building a lead over Bernie Sanders.

After most of the votes were counted on Monday night, NBC and the New York Times called the result: a narrow victory for Biden.

They said Biden won 37.9% of the vote, with Sanders close behind with 36.4%.

Joe Biden at the Sunday night debate with Bernie Sanders in Washington, D.C. (AP photo/Evan Vucci)

The result came as millions of Americans were due to troop to polling stations in three more states Tuesday, with anxiety running high over the fast-spreading coronavirus that has killed more than 80 people in the United States so far.

As Arizona, Florida, and Illinois prepare for the primaries, there was confusion over whether polling stations will be safe during the pandemic.

Voting has been postponed in Ohio, where officials ordered polling stations closed, making it the latest and largest state to upend the voting schedule due to the outbreak.

Tuesday may be a make-or-break moment for Sanders, who will face mounting pressure to quit if he does not score a major upset.

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