Beauty School Trip and Fall Headed to Trial

     (CN) – A Louisiana appeals court allowed a beauty school student who tripped over her own rolling bag to proceed to trial on her negligence claims against Stage One – The Hair Schools.

     Chermaine Dibartolo had finished cleaning her classroom at Stage One when she tripped over her bag.
     She sued the school for damages, claiming the classroom was too small to move around in and that it lacked sufficient storage space.
     Stage One argued that the accident was Dibartolo’s fault because she was carrying two mannequin heads and could not see her own bag.
     The trial court granted summary judgment to the school, but the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that Dibartolo can take her case to trial.
     “Although it was not established who knocked Ms. Dibartolo’s bag down, there is certainly a realistic dispute that whoever did so due to lack of space in the classroom,” Judge Cooks wrote.
     “Ms. Dibartolo’s contention that the lack of storage space was a contributing factor in causing the accident also creates a genuine dispute which is relevant in assigning liability in this case,” the judge added.

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