Automotive Antitrust

DETROIT – Geico claims in a federal lawsuit that Aisin, ASMO and others tried to control the market and fix prices for car parts including bearings, steering assemblies, fan motors, fuel injection systems, ignition coils and more.

The plaintiffs are Geico Corporation; Government Employees Insurance Company; Geico General Insurance Company; Geico Indemnity Company; Geico Casualty Company; Geico Advantage Insurance Company; Geico Choice Insurance Company; Geico Secure Insurance Company; and Geico County Mutual Insurance Company.

The defendants are Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd.; Aisin Automotive Casting LLC; ASMO Company Ltd; ASMO North America LLC; ASMO Greenville of North Carolina Inc.; ASMO Manufacturing Inc; Denso Corporation; Denso International America Inc; Denso International Korea Corporation; Denso Korea Automotive Corporation; Denso Automotive Deutschland Gmbh; DTR Industries Inc.; Furukawa Electric Company Ltd.; American Furukawa Inc.; G.S. Electech Inc.; G.S. Wiring Systems Inc.; G.S.W. Manufacturing Inc.; Leoni Wiring Systems Inc.; Leonische Holding Inc.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc.; Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Holdings Inc.; NSK Americas Inc.; NSK Ltd.; NSK Steering Systems Company Ltd.; NSK Steering Systems America Inc.; Omron Automotive Electronics Company Ltd.; Schaeffler AG; Schaeffler Group USA Inc.; Sumitomo Riko Company Ltd.; Tokai Rika Co. Ltd.; Tram Inc. dba Tokai Rika USA Inc.; Valeo Climate Control Corporation; Valeo Electrical Systems Inc.; Valeo Inc.; and Valeo Japan Company Ltd.

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