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Stephen Paulsen

Stephen Paulsen

Stephen Paulsen lives in Austin and writes about Texas for Courthouse News. His work has appeared in Texas Monthly, The Texas Observer, Houston Chronicle and elsewhere. In his free time, he likes to play pool, take hikes and work on recipes.

Latest Articles by Stephen Paulsen

Texas Senate approves anti-trans bills amid mounting protests

The Texas Senate has moved quickly on transgender care and sports bans despite days of protests by activists at the Capitol.

Hearing in closely watched medication abortion case ends without ruling

The Trump-appointed judge overseeing the case said he would issue a ruling "as soon as possible." The decision could upend abortion access far beyond the Lone Star State.

At Texas child welfare meetings, activists call for end to transgender investigations

It's been a year since Republican Governor Greg Abbott ordered the state child welfare agency to investigate the families of openly transgender children. Transgender Texans and their allies are using the agency's public meetings to push back.