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Stephen Paulsen

Stephen Paulsen

Stephen Paulsen lives in the small tourist town of Marfa, Texas, and covers the West Texas region for Courthouse News. He is also a semi-professional cook and often collaborates with Wienertown!, a beloved Marfa food stand. Before joining Courthouse News, Paulsen worked as a reporter for The Big Bend Sentinel in Marfa. Before that, he was a freelancer and stringer in his hometown of Houston. Paulsen’s writing has appeared in Texas Monthly, Texas Observer, Houston Chronicle and other outlets. In his free time, he likes to play pool, take hikes and work on recipes.

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The strongman leader, who has said he wants to build an "illiberal democracy" in Hungary, urged attendees at the conference: "We should combine our forces."

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More than a year before the end of Roe v. Wade, a Texas city found a roundabout way to ban abortions. Advocates for abortion rights say it was a warning sign.