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Kirk McDaniel

Kirk McDaniel

Kirk McDaniel covers all things Texas from his home in Austin. From politics and government to the environment and law, he finds interest in the many factors shaping a modern Lone Star State. Besides writing stories, Kirk also produces the Sidebar podcast from Courthouse News. Originally from Houston, Kirk has traveled to every corner of the state, sometimes wearing a cowboy hat and boots. When he is not working on stories, Kirk spends his time outdoors hiking, paddling and cycling. His love of storytelling comes in handy when he is playing tabletop role-playing games with his wife and friends.

Latest Articles by Kirk McDaniel

Texas jurors award Sandy Hook parents $45.2 million in punitive damages

Infowars host Alex Jones has been ordered to pay a total of $49.3 million in a defamation trial over his baseless claims that the Connecticut elementary school shooting was staged.

Jury orders Alex Jones to pay $4.1 million to parents of Sandy Hook victim

The conspiracy theorist repeatedly claimed on his Austin-based talk show that the 2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax perpetrated by the government to enact gun control legislation.

Jury begins deliberation in Alex Jones defamation case

Attorney Andino Reynal said in his closing arguments that his client, Alex Jones, acted irresponsibly in spreading lies about the Sandy Hook shooting, but is not responsible for the emotional harm of a victim's family.