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Kelsey Jukam

Kelsey Jukam

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Budget bills

PHOENIX — The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that provisions of four budget bills are void because they violate the state Constitution’s title requirement and one of the bills, which is entirely void, also violates the single subject rule. That bill spans dozens of subjects, including “dog racing, the lottery, voter registration, election integrity, the Governor’s emergency powers .. the definition of ‘newspaper’” and others. The state had argued only the legislature, and not the courts, have authority to decide whether bills meet constitutional standards, but the court said “the responsibility of determining whether the legislature has followed constitutional mandates that expressly govern its activities is given to the courts — not the legislature."

Investigators link PG&E power lines to cause of Dixie Fire in Northern California

The fire burned more than 963,000 acres.

Heritage Act

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that a section of the state’s Heritage Act, which protects historic monuments as part of a compromise to remove the Confederate flag from the dome of the Capitol, is unconstitutional. The provision requires a supermajority vote to repeal or amend the section.