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James Palmer

James Palmer

James Palmer is an environmental and infrastructural reporter based in Houston, Texas. Since 2015, he has covered topics such as Hurricane Harvey (including a feature on some of the victims after they rebuilt their destroyed homes), the 2016 Green Party presidential nomination convention, Beto O'Rourke's senatorial bid in 2018 and other rallies leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Most frequently, he covers political polls discussing various hot-button issues such as religion, political policy and tax policy. In his spare time, James likes to play video games online, explore the city with friends and is learning leatherworking to make handbags as a hobby. Follow him on Twitter- @jMESSpalmer

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Scientists discover the birthplace of Martian meteorite ‘Black Beauty’

A team of researchers in Australia used a supercomputer-powered algorithm to trace a famous meteorite’s path from Mars more than 4 billion years ago to its resting place in northern Africa.

Marine life flourishes at pipeline off African coast

BP gave a team of researchers access to photos and video footage after industrial surveyors discovered that a pipeline off the coast of Africa had quickly attracted diverse marine life, as well as plastic and metal disposable containers at surprising depths.

Study suggests humans are predisposed to moral behavior from birth

A team of researchers from Osaka University in Japan used a gaze-tracking computer system to test preverbal infants' ability to recognize antisocial behavior, and their results suggest infants are instinctually driven to act against actions deemed negative and harmful without needing to be told.