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Carson McCullough

Carson McCullough

Carson covers the Northern District of California, as well as several other courts across the western United States. He lives in the Boise, Idaho area.

Latest Articles by Carson McCullough

The future of Idaho abortion laws examined

Idaho helped lead the charge on outlawing abortions within its borders after the Supreme Court made it possible. But upsetting decades of established law has left Idahoans and the country at large to fear for an uncertain future – and to fret for a conquest the state may not be ready to abandon.

Abortion set to become illegal in Idaho as state Supreme Court rejects calls to pause the bans

Idaho’s highest court denied Planned Parenthood’s request to stay the abortion bans from taking effect while the legal battles pan out after finding there is no right to an abortion under the state Constitution.

Judge revives 2016 freeze on federal coal leases

The judge found the Trump administration's analysis of the environmental consequences of coal leases on federal land lacking.