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Alex Pickett

Alex Pickett

Alex Pickett is the Courthouse News Service reporter for the Tampa Bay area. In his 18 years of reporting, Alex's stories have spanned from investigations into zoos, police departments and homelessness to violations of Florida's Sunshine Laws. He has written award-winning features on the longest sentence served by a non-violent drug offender, the effects of gentrification on a historic African-American neighborhood and the apathy toward a rural Florida county devastated by Hurricane Michael. He has hitchhiked the state of Florida, spent early mornings in hobo camps (for a story, of course) and covered the sensational Hulk Hogan sex tape trial. Alex is one of only a handful of American reporters to be waterboarded. Contact for all things Florida: the politics, the environment, the gators in your gazebo. And the legal issues in between.

Latest Articles by Alex Pickett

Florida governor sacks prosecutor for refusing to enforce abortion law

The Republican governor immediately suspended the state attorney for the Tampa area over his vocal refusal to prosecute violations of Florida’s 15-week abortion ban.

Florida judge blocks 15-week abortion ban

The temporary injunction comes hours before the law, passed this spring, was set to take effect.

First Amendment fight for press access takes center stage in Florida federal court

The Broward County court clerk withheld nearly half of all lawsuits filed for two or more days, rendering any news they might have contained as useless as stale bread.