AT&T Cheats Millions, Class Says

     SAN JOSE (CN) – AT&T refuses to provide Caller ID subscribers with names of callers from outside the AT&T network, though that information is easily accessible, a class action claims in Federal Court. Plaintiffs say this cheats “millions of subscribers” who pay $7.95 a month for the service.

     Plaintiffs say AT&T could provide caller ID for out-of-network calls for less than 1 cent a query, but it refuses to do this “for purely economic reasons.”
     “As a result, AT&T ‘saves’ itself several million dollars in fees per month, but its Caller ID subscribers regularly receive calls that are falsely identified as coming from callers whose names are ‘unavailable’ or ‘unknown.’ In short, AT&T’s Caller ID subscribers are paying full price for ‘half a loaf.'”
     AT&T does not reveal this, and its Caller ID offers amount to a bait and switch tactic, the complaint states.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Joseph Dicks with Dicks & Workman of San Diego.

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