Artist Says Galkyd Ruined his Work

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Landscape artist Jack Stuppin claims Gamblin Artists Colors’ paint medium, Galkyd, ruined several of his large landscapes by causing blue and white paints to turn yellow. Stuppin claims Gamblin changed the formula to include linseed oil, which is known to cause yellowing, but did not warn its customers.

     Gamblin, an artist based in Sonoma County, claims the new Galkyd formula quickly ruined his paintings even if they were stored in the dark.
     Galkyd is used to thin and dry paint. Because it turns white and blue paint yellow, it ruins “virtually all skyscapes,” Stuppin claims.
     He says that after he noticed what had happened, “Defendants sent a company representative to plaintiff’s home and studio in Sonoma County to view the damaged works and offer any available remedy. That representative indicated defendant’s formula for the product had changed and the product now contained linseed oil. Linseed oil is known to cause the type of yellowing occurring in plaintiff’s
     “Given that defendant’s product creates a binding glaze over paintings to which it
     is applied, it is impossible to remove the glaze without removing some or all of the underlying paint.
     “Defendant advertised Galkyd as a paint medium used to level brush strokes,
     create a strong flexible paint film and leave an enamel-like glossy finish. Further, defendant was aware that artists used Galkyd to saturate colors and unify the surface of the painting, thinking they were using it like a varnish, which defendant regarded as an acceptable use.
     “In fact, because of the composition of Galkyd, using it like a varnish held hidden
     and devastating consequences which effectively destroys the commercial value of a painting that is stored for even short periods of time in transit or in a dark warehouse or similar environment. …
     “As a result of defendants’ wrongful actions, Stuppin has been damaged in an
     amount to be determined at trial.”
     Stuppin is represented by Willard Carle III with Carle, Mackie, Power & Ross of Santa Rosa.

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