Arnold Schwarzenegger|Files $10 Million Lawsuit

SANTA MONICA (CN) – Arnold Schwarzenegger sued a Nevada company, Arnold Nutrition Group, for $10 million, claiming it used his name and image to promote its products without permission.
     Schwarzenegger and Fitness Publications sued AN USA Management Group, a Nevada LLC, and Arnold Nutrition Group, Arnold Nutrition Group USA and Arnold Nutrition Brasil, in Superior Court.
     Accusing the defendants of “shameful conduct,” Schwarzenegger claims he “would never endorse or affiliate himself with any fitness or nutritional product without first undertaking rigorous research, testing and due diligence to ensure that the product is healthy and helpful to athletes and the general product.”
     The former Mr. Universe, Hollywood star and governor of California claims that the defendants “have brazenly stolen and exploited Schwarzenegger’s name, image, likeness and reputation to promote Arnold Nutrition and Arnold Nutrition products without ever having contacted him. … Arnold Nutrition is committing a fraud on the public and will be held fully accountable.”
     He seeks $10 million in damages for violation of publicity rights and unfair competition. He is represented by Martin Singer with Lavely & Singer.

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