Air Traffic Controllers Lose Bid for Overtime Pay

     (CN) – Air traffic controllers at the Edwards Air Force Base in south-central California lost their class-action bid for overtime pay in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

     Air traffic controllers sought overtime pay for time spent in security inspections and the time they spent on required medical examinations. They also demanded overtime pay for their unused “credit hours,” or extra hours worked in exchange for paid leave.
     When the Federal Aviation Administration no longer allowed workers to rack up credit hours, employees had to either cash in their accrued credit hours at the regular hourly rate or swap them for one hour of paid leave.
     Air traffic controllers claimed they should receive overtime pay for each credit hour earned, rather than their regular wage.
     Because credit hours are not overtime hours under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Judge Charles Lettow wrote, the plaintiffs are not entitled to overtime pay.
     The claims court also rejected their pay demands for time spent on mandatory security inspections and medical exams.
Judge Lettow granted the government’s cross-motion for summary judgment.

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