Agency Seeks Input on Wyoming’s Gray Wolves

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is reopening the public comment period on its 2011 proposal to remove gray wolves in Wyoming from the list of threatened and endangered species.
     The action comes after the state of Wyoming revised its proposed post-delisting gray wolf management plan to better conform with the USFWS’s conditions for delisting.
     Wyoming agreed to manage the gray wolf population with a buffer of above the minimum recovery population of 10 breeding pairs and at least 100 wolves. The state agreed to not count wolves whose home range lies within Yellowstone National Park or the Wind River Indian Reservation as part of the buffer.
     The revised plan also includes increasingly restrictive provisions on human activity, such as wolf hunting, outside national parks if the wolf population falls close to the agreed-upon minimum recovery population.
     The revised management plan also confirms the state’s commitment to slowly reduce the wolf’s population on a yearly basis rather than by allowing a large number of deaths during the first year of resumed hunting.
     The public has until May 16 to comment on the revisions to the Wyoming gray wolf management plan.

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