Adult Daycare Center Accused of Coverup

CLEVELAND (CN) – An adult daycare center covered up a sexual assault by changing the woman’s clothes, refusing to notify family members and deleting footage from security cameras, the alleged victim’s family claims in court.
     L.G. and M.A.G., individually and on behalf of M.G., an incompetent adult, sued Ascentia, the Drost Family Center, the Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland, Ohio and numerous individuals, in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.
     The family says M.G. was a participant in Ascentia’s adult daycare program – run through the County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities – on July 11, 2013, when she “was sexually assaulted by another participant and registered attendee.”
     The family claims the “defendants became aware of the sexual assault shortly after it happened as plaintiff, M.G., was missing clothing, and as her assailant was in possession of said clothing and was apologizing to plaintiff, M.G.”
     “Subsequent to the sexual assault, plaintiff, M.G., was changed into different clothing by defendants, and remained at the Day Care Facility for the rest of the afternoon.”
     The family claims the defendants put the woman’s underwear in a safe in the office, and then “placed [her] on the same bus as her assailant by defendants in order to be transported home.”
     “Subsequent to the sexual assault, defendants did not contact anyone outside of the Day Care Facility and/or the Ascentia Day Care Program to report the assault, as required by law,” the complaint states.
     Upon noticing that the woman’s underwear had been changed, M.A.G. says she asked M.G. what happened and then took her to the hospital for a rape exam.
     The family claims the daycare employees viewed security footage of the assault shortly after it happened, and “subsequently deleted, or allowed to be deleted, said footage.”
     The family seeks punitive damages for negligence, negligent hiring and supervision, intentional infliction of emotional distress and spoliation of evidence.
     The plaintiffs are represented by Richard Zurz Jr. of Slater and Zurz in Akron, Ohio.

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