Actress Says ‘Bones’ Star Took Advantage

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A “struggling actress” who appeared as an extra on the Fox TV series “Bones” claims the show’s star, David Boreanaz, sexually harassed her, sent her a photo of his penis and masturbated in her presence, and promised that “he would be able to help her secure a job on the series ‘Bones’ in a featured role.”

     Kristina Hagan sued Boreanaz, Far Field Productions, Josephson Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Television in Superior Court. Represented by Gloria Allred, Hagan alleges sexual harassment, quid quo pro failure to hire and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     Hagan claims that Boreanaz chatted her up on the set of “Bones” in August 2009. He quickly told her that “he would be able to help her secure a job on the series ‘Bones’ in a featured role” according to the complaint.
     She claims Boreanaz sent her a text message while she was still in her dressing room, and followed it up that night with a text message “with an attachment of a picture of his penis.” She claims the barrage of messages continued, and that many of them “contained sexually inappropriate material. Ms. Hagan was offended by the text messages but nevertheless wanted to maintain a relationship with him because it was very important to her to secure employment as she was a struggling actress,” according to the complaint.
     Boreanaz’s harassment culminated after the met for coffee, she says. She says she fended off his sexual groping as they sat in a car in a parking lot, “but he persisted. Mr. Boreanaz unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated. He pushed himself on top of her, and when he tried to put his hand down her pants and touch her she pushed him off of her,” the complaint states.
     Hagan says she “has suffered and continues to suffer emotional and psychological distress, wage losses, and loss of benefits.”
     She seeks punitive damages.

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