ACLU, NAACP Unite to Fight Arizona-Like Immigration Law in Nevada

     (CN) – The ACLU of Nevada, the NAACP and several others have filed legal challenges Friday to block a Nevada assemblyman’s petition that’s similar to the controversial anti-immigration law in Arizona.

     The ACLU and NAACP, along with a gun-owner club, created a group called “What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona.” They want Carson City District Judge James Wilson to block the so-called “Nevada Immigration Verification” petition from reaching the 2011 legislature.
     Another group, “The Nevada Open for Business Coalition,” sought similar relief.
     The ACLU says the legislation, proposed by Nevada Assemblyman Chad Christensen, is “deceptive and would intentionally confuse voters and should not be circulated for signatures.”
     “This ‘show me your papers’ ballot initiative proposes multiple measures that would result in state-sanctioned discrimination and racial profiling. Not only does the intent of the proposal blatantly violate America’s most fundamental values of fairness and equality, the expansive scope of it intentionally confuses voters,” Maggie McLetchie, an attorney with the ACLU of Nevada, said.
     Added NAACP’s Las Vegas branch President Frank Hawkins: “African-Americans know all too well the insidious effects of racial profiling and voter disfranchisement,” he said.

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