ACLU Demands Info On DOJ’s Tracking|Of Mobile Phones Without Warrants

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Department of Justice has violated open government laws, says the ACLU in a Federal Court action, by rejecting requests for information about the government’s role in “tracking the location of individuals’ mobile phones without first obtaining a warrant based on probable cause.”

     “The ACLU submitted the [FOIA] request after court decisions and media reports revealed that the United States Attorneys Offices were claiming not to need probable cause to obtain real-time tracking information and that some field offices were violating a DOJ ‘internal recommendation’ that ‘federal prosecutors seek warrants based on probably cause to obtain precise location data in private areas.’ … The information now in the public domain suggests that defendant may be engaging in unauthorized and potentially unconstitutional tracking of individuals through their mobile phones. … The limited information currently available about the government’s tracking practices raises serious questions about whether the government is complying with the law and the Constitution.”
     The ACLU wants to see the records.

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