Accountant Says Chicago GOP Defamed Him

     CHICAGO (CN) – An accountant claims the Chicago Republican Party defamed him, posting false statements on the Party’s Web site and mixing him up with his father. Gilbert P. Cataldo also sued Jeffrey Carson, “a writer and contributor to an Internet bloc called Chicago Republican Party, which apparently is owned and operated by and for the benefit of members of the Republican Party who live in Chicago.”

     Cataldo claims the defendants posted false statements about him on the Chicago Republican Party Web site, mixing him up with his father, Gilbert J. Cataldo.
     Cataldo claims Carson posted the story, “The Story of Chicago Machine Hack,” which reported that Cataldo and allegedly corrupt union official John Serpico were “charged as part of a racketeering scheme,” and that Cataldo was indicted after receiving $333,850 in kickbacks “in exchange for a $6.5 million loan commitment made by a pension plan that Serpico controlled.”
     Cataldo also says Carson falsely claimed that the Chicago Sun-reported that he had served 21 months in prison for the scheme.
     Cataldo says he has never been charged with a crime, and has never been mentioned in the Sun-Times for such a scheme. He says it appears Carson was “purporting to discuss the alleged criminal history of … Cataldo’s father” but used the wrong name.
Cataldo says that Carson later attacked him personally through a Web posting that claimed, “the son may have been a little slow to the game” but has followed “in the old man’s footsteps”.
     He says Carson falsely accused him of being on a ghost payroll at an insurance company, and of filing a false workers compensation claim at Stroger Hospital, to “swindle Cook County for $100,000.”
Cataldo says the false statements could disastrously affect his accounting career. He alleges libel and false light against Carson and the Chicago Republican Party.
     Cataldo demands punitive damages. He is represented in Cook County Court by Karen Conti with Adamski & Conti.

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