About That|$100 Million …

     WICHITA FALLS, Texas – The SEC and the court-appointed received for Millennium Bank seek commissions that people and institutions made from the bank’s alleged $100 million Ponzi scheme. Click headline to see the defendants.

     Here are the defendants: Millennium Bank; United Trust of Switzerland S.A.; UT of S LLC; Millennium Financial Group; William Wise dba Sterling Administration dba Sterling Investment Services dba Millennium Aviation; Kristi Hoegel aka Kristi M. Christopher aka Bessy Lu; Jacqueline Hoegel; Philippe Angeloni; and Brijesh Chopra. Here are the relief defendants: United T of S LLC; Sterling I.S. LLC; Matrix Administration LLC; Jasmine Administration LLC; Lynn P. Wise; Daryl C. Hoegel; D. Ryan Hoegel; and Laurie Walton.

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