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A Vile Tale of Hollywood

LOS ANGELES (CN) - The estranged wife of TV director Robert Schiller claims he broke into her house and into her computer, uploaded a naked photograph of her boyfriend to her Facebook page, masturbated on a photo of her and her boyfriend, stole an $11,000 watch, then tried to buy her silence with a BMW and $100,000.

Barbara Schiller says she married Robert in 1996, but filed for divorce in 2008 after finding "that her husband was having an affair with another woman."

Schiller has "directed hundreds of episodes of various television series," according to the Superior Court complaint. Among them are episodes of "Two and a Half Men" and "The King of Queens," according to industry publications.

Barbara Schiller says her husband moved out of their house in Los Angeles in September 2008, no longer had a key to it and did not have permission to enter. By November 2010, she says, she "was in a relationship with her current boyfriend."

In November 2010, she says, Robert Schiller broke into her home "by entering through one of the dining room windows," broke into her desktop computer and logged onto her Facebook account, from which he was "specifically blocked," and there "read that plaintiff was 'in a relationship' with Boyfriend."

Robert Schiller then left her a series of vulgar messages on her cell phone, replete with the F word and the C word, according to the 20-page complaint.

She claims he also read her emails to and from her boyfriend, then left her an even more abusive voice mail message, an excerpt of which includes: "You fucking cunt. You are a fucking lying motherfucking cunt. Don't ever fucking talk to me, unless it's about selling the fucking house or about whose got the kids. You fucking lying cunting bitch."

The complaint states that Robert Schiller left her five such voice mails at around 1 a.m.

Sometime between 1 and 2 a.m., while rummaging through her computer files, she says, he found a nude photo of her boyfriend, which he posted on Facebook account page with the caption "lucky me."

"Schiller's intention was to make it appear that the plaintiff herself posted the nude photograph of boyfriend and the 'lucky me' message on her Facebook page," she says. The nude photo showed up on Facebook's News Feed page, where her entire Facebook audience, including "many individuals" that "reside in various time zones around the world," could see it, she says.

For the grand finale, she says, Schiller entered her bedroom and "masturbated to completion all over a framed photograph of plaintiff and boyfriend. Schiller either ejaculated his semen directly onto the framed photograph, or ejaculated elsewhere and applied his ejaculate to the framed photograph. Schiller then smeared his ejaculate all over both plaintiff and boyfriend's faces in the framed photograph. Scholl covered most of the entire photograph with sweeping smears of his ejaculate."

She claims Schiller also stole a Chanel watch worth $11,000 from a jewelry box in her bedroom.

Barbara Schiller says she learned of the break-in early that morning from a friend who told her about the nude photo on her Facebook page. She says she called the police, who met her at her home between 3 and 4 a.m. Upon discovering that her watch had been stolen, she says, two LAPD officers accompanied her to Robert Schiller's home, where she "confronted" him and asked for her watch back.

"Schiller produced the watch, handed it to plaintiff and said: 'You suck a good enough dick. I'll give you your watch back,'" according to the complaint.

Beginning at 10 a.m. that day, she says, Schiller exchanged text messages with her in which he admitted the entire story, then offered her a BMW, which he later upped to a BMW and $100,000, if she "would drop the charges" against him.

"Schiller also promised that he would not stalk plaintiff in exchange for plaintiff agreeing to drop the charges," the complaint states.

She said "numerous friends, relatives and business associates," including her goddaughter, criticized her, believing she had posted the nude photo of her boyfriend on Facebook, and that "many people ended their Facebook relationships" with her for the same reason.

She seeks $1 million in damages for unauthorized computer access, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, trespass and conversion.

She is represented by James Spertus.

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