A One-Man Carpool, Hey?

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – California sued 99 Cents Only Store in Superior Court, claiming the store submitted a “carpool” log for one solitary worker as evidence that it was reducing vehicle emissions.
     California and the South Coast Air Quality Management District claim a 99 Cents Only store in Commerce, Calif. failed to implement virtually any strategies for a commuting-reduction program for a business with 250 or more employees – including carpool incentives and a bicycle program – which were approved in spring 2009.
     Teresa Barrera with the Office of the District Prosecutor South Coast Air Quality Management District of Diamond Bar, sued the California-based chain stores last week.
     “On or about May 26, 2009, the District began an audit of the 2008 Employee Commute Reduction Program submitted by defendant 99 Only Stores,” the complaint states. “Defendant was asked to submit proof that it had implemented the program as promised. On June 16, 2009, defendant submitted a carpool log and a payroll register for one employee covering a 2 month period.”
     The air quality district seeks penalties of $10,000 per day for each violation of District Rule 2202, also known as On-Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Options, and of two sections of the Health and Safety Code. It demands $365,000 in event of default.
     99 Only Stores did not respond to a request for comment.

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