$500 Million Demand In Refco Scandal

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Capital Management Select Fund is lead plaintiff in a $500 million demand against Phillip Bennett, Tone Grant, Refco, Thomas Lee Advisors and others in the Refco scandal. Plaintiffs say the defendants defrauded customers and misappropriated their securities.

     Plaintiffs are represented by Scott Edelman with Milbank Tweed.
     Here are the parties: Capital Management Select Fund Ltd.; Investment Development Finance Corporation; IDC Financial SA; VR Global Partners LP; Paton Holdings Ltd.; VR Argentina Recovery Fund Ltd.; Global Management Worldwide Limited; Arbat Equity Arbitrage Fund Limited; Russian Investors Securities Limited; Marc Kirschner as trustee of the Refco Private Action Trust
     Phillip Bennett; William Sexton; Santo Maggio; Joseph Murphy; Philip Silverman; Robert Trosten; Richard Outridge; Tone Grant; Refco Group Holdings Inc.; Thomas Lee Partners LP; Thomas Lee Advisors LLC; THL Managers V LLC; The Equity Advisors LLC; Thomas Lee Equity Fund V LP; Thomas Lee Parallel Fund V LP; Thomas Lee Equity (Cayman) Fund LP; Thomas Lee Investors Limited Partnership 1997; 1997 Thomas Lee Nominee Trust; Thomas Lee; David Harkins; Scott Jaeckel; Scott Schoen; and Grant Thornton LLP.

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