49er Sued After|Shootings at Wild Party

     SAN JOSE (CN) – Forty-Niners linebacker Aldon Smith hosted a wild, drunken party at which two guests were shot, the men claim in court.
     Ronndale Esporlas and Aaron Reyes sued Aldon Smith and former 49er Delanie Walker in separate complaints in Santa Clara County Court. Walker now plays for the Tennessee Titans.
     The complaints make similar allegations.
     Esporlas claims Smith charged $10 to enter the party at the linebacker’s home in San Jose last summer, and $5 per alcoholic drink.
     He claims in the lawsuit that both Smith and Walker “consumed significant quantities and were legally intoxicated” on the night of June 29-30, 2012, when “in an apparent effort to end the party,” both men “appeared on the balcony of the house, brandished handguns, and began shooting in the air.”
     Esporlas claims the guns were “illegally possessed” and that both defendants knew it.
     Walker, Esporlas says in the lawsuit, “then made his way to the driveway,” where he shot the gun “in the air and toward others attending the party.”
     Then people began firing back, Esporlas says in the complaint. He says he was caught in the crossfire and was hit by bullets fired by Walker, “or fired in response to the rounds fired by defendants, including Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker.”
     He seeks punitive damages for premises liability, negligence and intentional tort.
     He is represented by David Kleczek.
     Reyes is represented in his lawsuit by Stephen Defilippis.
     The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday that more than 100 people showed up at Smith’s party, and that Smith was stabbed there and two people were shot.
     The Chronicle reported late Wednesday night that Smith responded to the lawsuit by saying: “Things happen. … You’ve just got to focus on the things that you do. I’m focused on playing against Green Bay, and we’ll see how it goes.”

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