3-Timing Polygamist Took Her for Everything, Woman Says

MILWAUKEE (CN) – A three-timing polygamist defrauded a woman of more than $300,000 – her life’s savings, she claims in court.
     Jody Lindquist fka Walker sued Mark A. Walker for fraud, promise without intent to perform, intentional misrepresentation and other charges, in Federal Court.
     She claims Walker had two other wives when he married her on New Year’s Eve 2008 in Las Vegas. Walker deceived her with a string of lies, about his income, his job, his age and his taxes, not to mention child support, Lindquist says in the complaint.
     She says his “last known address” is in Davie, Fla.
     Walker told her he earned $275,000 a year, plus “substantial bonuses,” as a “finance and accounting specialist” and owned property in Phoenix, Lindquist says. “He went so far as to state that he was a license CPA,” she says in the complaint.
     Walker told her he wanted to use his “particularized skills” to start his own business, and induced her to drain her 401(k) of more than $140,000 and charge $50,000 on her credit card for alleged business expenses, she claims.
     He also told her he would take care of filing of their taxes because he was an expert in that-then left her owing $65,000 to the IRS and to Minnesota, Lindquist says.
     She claims he never repaid her for his so-called business expenses Walker’s money was taken by child support. The business failed too, she says.
     She claims he sweet-talked her into financing a Mercedes Benz for him, promising that he would pay the down payment on a home for them. But he never bought the home, and cost her her own home to foreclosure, after claimed he was a skilled negotiator, and told her to stop making payments on it, she says in the complaint.
     He also lied about his age. He told her he was born in 1966, but his passport and the Social Security office say he was born in 1958.
     She claims that Walker married a woman named Karen on May 31, 2006, in Florence, Italy. That marriage “was declared void ab initio” on Feb. 2, 2009, because he also was married to a woman named Joann, Lindquist says – making her his third wife when they got married.
     Lindquist and Walker separated after 18 months of marriage, and their divorce was finalized a year later.
     She claims that Walker “fostered and maintained a close and confidential relationship” with her and then “abused this trust.”
     She seeks at least $331,241 for wrongfully converted retirement funds, unpaid taxes, credit card expenses, the Mercedes and the foreclosed home.
     She also seeks punitive damages.
     She is represented by Matthew Marx.

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