1st Circuit OKs Firing For Padding Expense Reports

     BOSTON (CN) – A Staples manager was justified when he fired an employee for padding expense reports, the 1st Circuit ruled.

     Alan Noonan sued Staples for libel and breach of contract, but the trial court granted summary judgment to Staples. Judge Toruella affirmed that ruling.
Toruella also ruled that Staples was justified in disallowing Noonan from exercising options on almost $300,000 worth of company stock.
Staples also did not pay Noonan severance benefits, again because he was fired for cause.
After discovering what Noonan had done, Staples told 1,500 employees via e-mail about Noonan’s action and firing.
“The e-mail is substantially true,” Toruella wrote. “Staples did not act with malice and therefore did not forfeit its defense of truth.”

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