$10 Million Demand In Options Trading

     CHICAGO (CN) – QTM Ventures, an options trading firm, demands $10 million from Resource Equities, claiming it hid two traders’ misuse of funds and used QTM accounts to cover trading losses in other accounts. Resource CFO Edmund Fahey allegedly reported that QTM’s account contained more than $10 million though it was empty because of losses by defendant traders Sigmund Eisenschenk and Gregg Rzepczynski.

     QTM is a member of Resource Equities. It also sued Thunder Bay Enterprises, which allegedly is controlled by Eisenschenk, “a would-be movie producer, stock investor, and venture capitalist.”
     Rzepczynski is an attorney who allegedly provided advice to QTM Eisenschenk, Resource and Thunder Bay.
     Plaintiff is represented in Cook County Court by John Hourihane Jr.

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