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Top CNS stories for today including top House members saying former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn likely broke federal disclosure laws; a blacklist of border-wall contractors is advancing in the California Senate;  the University of California claims a group of physicians defrauded students’ self-funded health care benefit plan of $12 million; a Chesapeake Bay group calls President Donald Trump a threat, and more.

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1.) House Members Say Flynn Likely Broke Disclosure Rules

Top members of the House Oversight Committee revealed Tuesday that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn likely broke the law by failing to disclose or get permission from military officials to receive foreign payments from Russian organizations and the government of Turkey.

2.)  Blacklist of Border-Wall Contractors Advanced in California Senate

A Southern California lawmaker’s effort to punish companies that build President Donald Trump’s $21 billion border wall narrowly cleared its first hurdle Tuesday, amid concerns it could inject politics into the state’s lucrative bidding process.

3.) Murder, Sex and Money Trial Goes to Jury

A federal jury heard closing arguments Monday in a murder trial involving sex, money, and the double life of a 20-something male escort accused of killing his sugar daddy.

 4.) UC Regents Say Doctors Ran Giant Fraud

The University of California claims in court that a group of physicians defrauded students’ self-funded health care benefit plan of $12 million by prescribing thousands of drugs to students who did not know they had been dispensed under their names.

 5.) High Court Kills Tribal Immunity for Casino Employees

Tribal immunity does not shield a casino’s limo driver for Mohegan Sun Casino from having to pay the couple he rear-ended on a highway, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

 6.) Judge Lifts Abortion Restrictions in Missouri

In a victory for Planned Parenthood, a federal judge ruled that doctors performing abortions in Missouri do not have to adhere to a hospital affiliation requirement, meaning many women won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to the state’s only abortion facility in St. Louis.

 7.) EU Lawmakers Put an End to Mobile Roaming Fees

The Council of the European Union on Tuesday put the final nail in the coffin of mobile roaming fees, allowing EU residents traveling to other member states to use their cellphones at the same rate they pay at home starting in June.

 8.) Chesapeake Bay Group Calls Trump a Threat

RICHMOND, Va. (CN) – It is one of America’s great bodies of water. The well-spring of drinking water and prosperity for over 17 million people, and testimony to the grit of activists, scientists and regulators who fought to bring it back from the brink of environmental collapse.

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