Zika Travel Warning Issued for South Beach

     (CN) — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued another travel advisory Friday morning, after five new cases of Zika were identified in Miami Beach.
     Florida Gov. Rick Scott confirmed the five new cases during a Miami visit to discuss the virus, saying that three tourists and two local residents had been infected.
     A travel advisory for the Wynwood area — a neighborhood in North Miami — has been in effect since Aug. 1. The warning is still in effect, as local officials have struggled to eradicate the local mosquito population.
     Officials learned about the Miami Beach cases on Thursday morning during calls with the Florida Department of Health.
     The CDC recommends pregnant women who were in the transmission zone of Miami Beach since July 14 should see their doctor to consider being tested for Zika.
     The new travel advisory covers a 1.5-square-mile transmission zone, from the beach to the Intracoastal Waterway, running from Eighth Street to 28th Street in Miami Beach, Scott said. It includes the popular tourist area of South Beach.
     As of late Thursday evening, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine denied the presence of Zika in his city, which is a key area in Miami-Dade’s tourism industry.
     “There is no epidemic, no outbreak of Zika in Miami Beach,” he said late Thursday.
     The CDC maintained that the only area in Florida with active spread of the virus is the square-mile zone in Wynwood.

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