Zients Ordered to Launch Competitiveness Initiative

     WASHINGTON (CN) – As part of his Winning the Future campaign President Barack Obama has ordered the nation’s Chief Performance Officer, Jeffrey Zients, to launch a Government Reform for Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative.
Zients is deputy director for management of the Office of Management and Budget.
     According to the presidential memorandum announcing the initiative, its purpose will be to “conduct a comprehensive review of the federal agencies and programs involved in trade and competitiveness, including analyzing their scope and effectiveness, areas of overlap and duplication, unmet needs, and possible cost savings.”
     Within 90 days, Chief Performance Officer Zients is to submit recommendations to the president for executive and congressional action to restructure and streamline Federal Government programs that focus on trade and competitiveness.
     Obama ordered Zients to find ways to make executive branch competitiveness programs transparent and more efficient and provide “maximum return on taxpayer dollars.”

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