You Have to Do Something About Those Bats

     (CN) – A Nebraska child was bitten by a bat that flew into her apartment because the property manager failed to remove an infestation, he father claims in court.
     Emmanuel Ameh, of Douglas County, and his minor daughter, Josephine, sued Omaha-based Broadmoor Development Company in Douglas County Court on Monday.
     “On or about June 23, 2011, plaintiff, Josephine Ameh, while lawfully on the premises and exercising due care and caution, was bitten by a bat that had flown into her apartment as a result of a bat infestation at the premises,” the complaint states. “Plaintiff suffered severe personal injuries and other damages as set forth in this complaint.”
     The Amehs say they had previously warned Broadmoor about the presence of bats at the property.
     Broadmoor allegedly failed to maintain the property in a reasonably safe or sanitary condition and failed to warn them of the danger presented by the bat infestation.
     The company manages 30 apartment properties in Lincoln, Omaha and Bellvue, Neb., and Des Moines, West Des Moines and Sioux City, Iowa, according to its website.
     The Amehs seek damages for negligence. They are represented by Jerome Okolo with John Ekeh of Omaha.

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