WTO Governs Russia’s Commercial Trading

     WASHINGTON – (CN ) To get into the World Trade Organization, the Russian Federation must go by the Marakkesh Agreement when making non-government purchases.
     The terms and conditions for Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which it seeks, include Russia’s commitments that it will ensure that state-owned and state-controlled enterprises, when engaged in commercial activity, will make purchases not intended for governmental use, and sales in international trade in a manner consistent with applicable provisions of Establishing the WTO.
     In addition, Russia’s state trading enterprises will make purchases and sales based solely on commercial considerations, e.g., price, quality, marketability, and availability, and that U.S. business firms will have an adequate opportunity to compete for sales to and purchases from these enterprises on non-discriminatory terms and conditions.
     Click on the document ocon for this regulation and others.

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