Wrong Fuel Exploded, Family Says

     BELLEVILLE, Ill. (CN) – A couple suffered severe burns and their home was destroyed by an explosion after they got the wrong fuel from a gas station, they claim in St. Clair County Court.

     Robert Haas Jr. says he filled two kerosene heater fuel tanks with a liquid the Circle K store labeled as kerosene on Feb. 11. He delivered the tanks to his father, Robert Haas, who hooked them up to a kerosene heater. A short time later, the Haas’ home was destroyed by an explosion and Haas and his wife, Jennifer, were injured.
     The explosion was caused by the kerosene heater tank being filled with gasoline that was pit into the wrong storage tank at Circle K and was sold as kerosene, the Haases says.
     They sued Froesel Oil, Mac’s Convenience Stores, Circle K Midwest and Gail Pierce, and are represented by Thomas Keefe.

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