Worst Driving Habits in the World?

     NEW LONDON, Conn. (CN) – In a perfect storm of wretched driving, a man texting while driving drunk rear-ended another car, injuring a passenger, the injured man claims in Superior Court.
     Alex and Olsa Kutrolli sued Timothy Henderson, and the restaurant where he allegedly had been drinking that night, and its manager.
     The Kutrollis claim that Henderson spent the evening of Feb. 5 at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Waterford, which served him alcohol while he was already intoxicated.
     Later that night, the Kutrollis say, Henderson rear-ended a vehicle Olsa was driving, in which Alex was a passenger.
     They claim that Henderson was driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and “operating a motor vehicle while typing, sending, and/or reading text messages from his cellular telephone.”
     Alex Kutrolli says he suffered “a cervical sprain, a shoulder injury, an injury to his right hand and wrist, an injury to his lower back, and an injury to his hip and groin,” requiring medical care, therapy and prescription medication.
     The Kutrollis seek punitive damages from Henderson, from NYCT Restaurant Enterprises, which owns the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, and from its manager, Charles Kwon.
     They are represented by Joseph Barnes with the Reardon Law Firm of New London.

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