Worker Says Doc Masturbates in Office

FORT WORTH (CN) – A woman claims her employer, a pediatrician, “would masturbate in the open of his pediatric office” in her presence, and the presence of others. “He would make obscene noises and even touch plaintiff during the act,” she says in Tarrant County Court.

     The woman says she’s worked for Dr. Lundy Eldridge Cavender for “numerous years” and that the doctor has been “acting in lewd and lascivious manners at work” for “a recent period of time.”
     She adds: “On July 22, 2009, plaintiff actually saw this occur when defendant Cavender was masturbating while she was making copies. He reached out to touch her on the shoulder during his act of self-pleasuring, she screamed and caught him ‘red handed’.”
     Marilyn Stacy says Dr. Cavender also “made obscene statements of a sexual nature about plaintiff’s 13-year-old daughter” and “has been censured for previous offensive conduct by the other state medical boards.”
     Stacy says, “Frankly, this is frightening and outrageous conduct for any human being, not to mention a pediatrician.”
     She demands damages for assault, battery and distress. She is represented by Scott Frenkel of Dallas.

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