Worker Says Boss Went Way Over the Line

     EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (CN) – A Little Caesars pizza employee claims his boss asked him to masturbate in front of him, and pulled down the employee’s pants while he did the dishes. Those are just two of a litany of allegations the worker made against his supervisor in Madison County Court.

     Mathew Mangara sued DBJB enterprises dba Little Caesars, but did not name his boss, David Kelley, as a defendant.
     Mangara also claims that Kelley massaged Mangara’s shoulders and butt; told Mangara he was young and hot; asked Mangara to do push-ups for Kelley because it would turn him on; asked Mangara to ejaculate in a cup so Kelley could drink it; showed Mangara photos of fully nude men stored on Kelley’s cell phone; and told Mangara that he wanted to rape him.
     Mangara seeks damages for sexual harassment, retaliation, civil rights violations and violations of the Illinois Whistleblower Act. He is represented by J. Phillip Steinman of Alton, Ill.

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