Worker Claims Bosses|Tasered Him & Taped It

     HOUSTON (CN) – Managers at a car dealer repeatedly Tasered a salesman until he urinated and defecated on himself, filmed it and laughed like “depraved … deviants,” then posted the video on Facebook and YouTube, the salesman claims in court.
     Bradley Jones sued P.P.D. Fincher Inc. dba Fred Fincher Motors, its owner Patricia Harless, her husband and general manager Sam Harless, manager Adam Winslow and salesman Alberto Chavarria, in Harris County Court.
     The car dealer is in Houston; the Harlesses live in suburban Spring, according to the complaint.
     “During the previous nine months, defendants [Sam] Harless, Winslow and Chavarria have been striking and electrocuting Jones at work with a Taser gun,” the complaint states. “Defendants would sneak up on Jones from behind, violently shock him, and then run away. Defendants would hide under Jones’ desk and shock him with the Taser gun when he attempted to sit down.
     “Defendant Fincher assigned Jones to a desk in a cubicle. As Jones worked in his cubicle, defendants would sneak up behind him and violently shock him with a Taser. Because Finch assigned him to a cubicle, Jones had no escape route to avoid defendants’ assault. Defendants would hide around the corner and shock Jones unknowingly as he walked by them. In addition, defendants would randomly jam their fingers in between Jones’ ribs causing him great pain and discomfort.
     “The Taser gun belonged to defendant Sam Harless and he would give it to the co-defendants to electrocute Jones. In fact, Harless videotaped many of the violent instances in which Jones was screaming in pain while the defendants were laughing and giggling at his pain. The Taser gun is at least 50,000 volts. In addition to causing great physical pain, defendants’ Taser attacks would cause Jones to involuntarily urinate and defecate in his clothing. Rather than offer assistance, defendants would merely laugh and mock Jones.
     “In some instances, defendant Sam Harless would show his wife, Patricia Harless, the video of Jones being Tased and screaming. Patricia Harless and her husband would laugh at the videos of Jones suffering and screaming like two depraved sadomastic [sic] deviants. It appeared that the defendants enjoyed inflicting pain on Jones and watching him suffer.
     “To add insult to injury, defendants also uploaded the videos to their Facebook and YouTube accounts.”
     A call to the dealership was not returned.
     Jones seeks punitive damages for assault and battery and negligence.
     He is represented by Paul Valdivieso of Houston.
     Jones no longer works for the car dealers.

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