Women’s College May Admit Men, Court Says

     RICHMOND, Va. (CN) – The decision to admit men to a traditional women’s college does not qualify as a breach of a contract with students, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled.

     Randolph-Macon Woman’s College decided to change to a co-educational facility after 115 years as a predominately female liberal arts college.
     Jenna Dodge led a group of students who said they enrolled “specifically to obtain a four-year liberal arts education in a single-sex environment.”
     Justice Hassell affirmed the trial court’s conclusion that the college is a non-stock corporation and not a trust, so the Uniform Trust Code does not apply to the relationship between the college and its students.
     After reviewing documents offered by the plaintiffs, Hassell found no language “in which the college made a clear, definite and specific promise to operate a college predominantly for women for the duration of the plaintiffs’ academic studies at the College.”

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