Women Object to Being Called ‘Hormonal Messes’

     Dr. Santosh Potdar, medical director of the transplant department at Akron City Hospital, discriminated against women by referring to them as a “bunch of bitches” and “hormonal messes,” four women claim in Summit County Court.

     Oceanaire Restaurant failed to “distribute the full proceeds of gratuities to its waitstaff employees,” a class action claims in Suffolk County Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Champion Exposition Services of Northern California, Iris Financial Services, EBusinessware and Mascon Global Limited in San Francisco Superior Court; Keystrokes Transcription Service in Federal Court in Sherman, Texas; Executive Coach & Carriage in Nevada Federal Court; Tennessee Valley Authority in Paducah Federal Court (Tenn.); and Bottling Group dba PBG in Orange County Superior Court.

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