Woman Sues USA For Rape In Iraq

     HOUSTON (CN) – A woman says she was drugged and gang raped in Iraq by employees of Halliburton and Kellogg Brown & Root. The woman, a civilian, sued the United States under the Federal Tort claims act, saying that “both she and the rapists were employed as civilian contractors in support of the U.S. troops stations on the U.S. military base, Camp Hope,” in Baghdad.

     The woman says she was 20 when she was drugged and gang raped. She says she was one of about 20 women who lived with 420 men in a co-ed barracks where alcohol use was permitted. It was under direct control of Pentagon contractors KBR and Halliburton, she says.
     She claims that after Halliburton and KBR blew off her complaints about the “sexually oppressive living conditions” in the barracks, she was drugged, apparently with Rohypnol, and “brutally raped” by “several Halliburton/KBR firefighters”. She claims she was raped so viciously she needed reconstructive surgery.
     Her lead counsel is L. Todd Kelly of Houston.

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