Woman Sues Over Chimpanzee Attack

     (CN) – A chimpanzee kept at a bed and breakfast for the entertainment of guests broke through its cage and injured and disfigured its caretaker, costing her part of a finger, the woman says. Kathy Harris says Sunrise Exotic Ranch, of Dripping Springs, Texas, and the couple who own it are liable for the attack.

     Harris says she was giving a blanket to the chimp, Ginny, on Nov. 6, 2007, when it broke through the rusted cage and attacked her. The attack cost her part of a little finger, seriously injured other fingers, and inflicted other physical and mental trauma.
     Harris says the owners of the bed and breakfast, Frank and Karon Glass, should have kept the cage in better shape, and knew or should have known of the vicious propensities of captive chimps.
     She seeks damages for injuries and pain and suffering. She is represented in Hays County Court, San Marcos, by Scott Ogle of Austin.
     Dripping Springs is west of Austin.
     The attack came 15 months before another captive chimpanzee, in Connecticut, attacked and nearly killed an elderly woman. That chimp apparently had been taking anti-depressant drugs. It was shot and killed by police.

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