Woman Sues Ex Over TheDirty.com Postings

     CLAYTON, Mo. (CN) – A woman says her ex-boyfriend posted lies about her on TheDirty.com, including that she gave him and a friend a venereal disease and that she was willing to have sex with two guys at one time.

     Tommy Duecker posted the comments on TheDirty.com in August, the woman claims in St. Louis County Court.
     She says she ended her 14-month relationship with Duecker a year earlier and had seen Duecker parked in his car outside her house this July. She says Duecker made a threatening call to her sister the night before she discovered the comments online.
     The woman claims Duecker posted some of her private Facebook photographs on TheDirty.com, along with the false statements that she gave him and his friend “the clap;” that she was sleeping around with Duecker and his friend; that she is “dirty as hell;” that her house is covered in animal feces and stinks of cat urine; that she had liposuction and lip injections; and that she was willing to have sex with two guys at one time.
     She wants Duecker and the website’s owner, Dirty World LLC, to pay actual and punitive damages for defamation, false light invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private facts and unreasonable intrusion upon seclusion.
     Her attorney is Mitchell Stoddard of Consumer Law Advocates.

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