Woman Sues Employer|Over Her Cubicle

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – A claustrophobic hospital data technician says she was forced to work in a small cubicle and ultimately fired because she asked to work in an open space.

     Jayne Feshold says in Clark County Court that she began experiencing “severe anxiety and stress” that landed her in an emergency room in July 2007 after she was forced to work in a small cubicle at the University Medical Center.
     Feshold says the anxiety was so bad that she went on Family Medical Leave for four months. When she returned to work, she was not allowed to work in an open environment.
     She says she formally requested a workspace accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act in February 2008, and even produced a note from her doctor that said she needed to work in an open space.
     But the hospital ruled that Feshold did not have a disability as defined by the ADA and refused her request.
     Feshold was fired in April 2009 because she could not return to her old job in a cubicle.
     Freshold wants her old job back – in an open working space. She also seeks back pay and compensatory and punitive damages for the hospital’s alleged ADA violations.
     She is represented by Michael Balaban.

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