Woman Says She Was Raped by a Cop

     HONOLULU (CN) – A Honolulu policeman raped a woman in a parking garage and the city let him quit without prosecuting him, though he failed a polygraph test, the woman claims in court.
     Raynell Keala Kaowili sued the City and County of Honolulu and its former police Officer Todd D. Dickerson, in Oahu First Circuit Court.
     Kaowili claims Dickerson raped her while on duty, in uniform and carrying a gun, on Sept. 17, 2011. She says it happened near a Long’s Drug Store after he and two other unidentified officers stopped her to question her about a shoplifting incident.
     After questioning her, at about 3:30 p.m., Kaowili says in the lawsuit, the other two officers left, leaving her with Dickerson.
     “Defendant Dickerson returned her car keys and ordered plaintiff Kaowili to return to her vehicle and follow his official HPD blue and white while he drove up the ramp to the second floor of the Longs’ parking structure,” the complaint states.
     Kaowili thought she was being “officially detained,” so she followed Dickerson to the parking garage, where her ordered her to park “in a secluded area of the second floor outside the view of the Longs’ surveillance cameras.”
     He parked his police cruiser next to hers, behind a pillar, and then “groped, grabbed and touched plaintiff’s breasts, buttocks and genitals, all of which was witnessed by a citizen,” Kaowili says.
     The complaint makes no further mention of the unnamed witness.
     It continues: “Thereupon, defendant Dickerson removed his HPD utility belt with handcuffs, ammunition and gun. He then placed his utility belt and gun on the roof of his HPD vehicle within plaintiff Kaowili’s sight. Defendant Dickerson unzipped his uniform trousers, placed his hands on plaintiff Kaowili’s head, forcefully pushed her head down and ordered plaintiff Kaowili to perform fellatio. While being physically forced to perform fellatio, plaintiff Kaowili repeatedly choked and gagged.
     “Defendant Dickerson then proceeded to pull off plaintiff Kaowili’s underwear, violently turned her around and pinned her head down inside of the vehicle. While plaintiff Kaowili’s head and face were pushed into the seat of her vehicle, Defendant Dickerson made multiple attempts at anal penetration with his penis.
     “After such unsuccessful attempts at anal penetration, while keeping plaintiff Kaowili’s head and face forcibly pinned down in her vehicle, defendant Dickerson, with his holstered gun within her sight and his reach, violently raped and sexually assaulted plaintiff Kaowili against her will by vaginally penetrating her multiple times. Defendant Dickerson used extreme force while raping and sexually assaulting Plaintiff Kaowili, causing her severe genital injuries, including genital tearing, which was objectively confirmed by later medical testing, resulting in both physical and emotional trauma.”
     Kaowili claims Dickerson used a condom during the assault, and that she saw other, unopened condoms “strewn over the front seat” of the police car.
     After raping her, she claims, Dickerson reminded her that he had seen her state identification cars, and “told her that he knew where she lived and he won’t hurt her, ‘As long as nobody tells.’ Whereupon defendant Dickerson told plaintiff Kaowili, ‘I only do this to women who don’t talk.'”
     Before he drove off, she says, “As a final exercise of force and authority, defendant Dickerson told her, ‘I don’t ever want to fucking see you in Kailua again.'”
     She called her therapist, who took her to a hospital where she was examined.
     She claims Dickerson had been a Honolulu police officer since 2008, and that the city and county failed to identify his propensity to sexually abuse women.
     She claims that the city investigated but refused to prosecute Dickerson, and that sometime later, “Dickerson was allowed to leave the Honolulu Police Department after he failed a polygraph examination administered by HPD.”
     She seeks punitive damages for negligent hiring and supervision, sexual assault and battery, and false arrest and imprisonment.
     She is represented by Gerard Jervis and Harrison Kiehm.

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