Woman Says Monk Got Her Pregnant

CHICAGO (CN) – A woman claims a Buddhist monk sexually assaulted and impregnated her when she was a minor, and when she asked the monk’s temple for financial help for her daughter, “she was told that she should sign Sarah over to the Temple,” an offer she refused.

     Jane Doe sued the Thai Buddhist Temple and Camnong Boa-Uboi in Cook County Court.
     According to the complaint: “In July 1998, Camnong Boa-Uboi, while dressed in the orange robes associated with the Thai Buddhist Temple, approached her, then fifteen years of age, and asked if she wanted to assist the Temple by doing clean-up work for compensation, and if she was interested in learning about the temple. Jane agreed to go with Boa and entered the Temple.”
     During her visits, she says, “Boa talked with Jane about the teachings of the Temple, and the promises that the Temple had to offer for those connected with it” and that “because of those discussions Jane repeatedly came to the Temple for guidance and instruction, and compensation for her clean-up duties.”
     The complaint continues: “On numerous occasions between about July 1998 and May 1999 at the Temple, Boa committed a sexual assault and battery on Jane Doe. … As a result of the sexual assaults and batteries committed by Boa Jane Doe became pregnant.”
     She gave birth to Sarah, who has physical disabilities, according to the complaint.
     Doe claims that throughout the course of her work “the Temple failed to supervise Boa’s contact with a minor and exposed Jane Doe to unsupervised contact with Boa, wherein he was able to sexually abuse her.”
     The temple is on West 57th Street in Chicago. Doe says she went there in 2006 “to request financial help for herself and her daughter, Sarah,” and that she “saw a photo of Boa hanging on the wall.”
     She claims that she “showed a female agent of the Temple her daughter, Sarah, and was told that she should sign Sarah over to the Temple. Jane refused.”
     Doe seeks damages for sexual assault and battery, gender violence, emotional distress, and damages under the Family Expense Act.
     She is represented by Beau Brindley.

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