Woman Says Creepy Boss Loved Her Feet

     ATLANTA (CN) – A woman claims her former boss at an Atlanta rehab facility is a sexual predator and foot fetishist who uses his job “to leverage himself into unwanted sexual situations with female employees.” She claims the boss “would always think of ways to touch her feet,” that he bought “lotions and was trying to rub them on (her) feet,” that he bought “nail polish and continuously asked her if he could paint her toenails,” that he made her “spray him with tanning lotion while he was wearing nothing but his boxer shorts,” and that he came over and mowed her lawn, though her husband didn’t like it.

     Tammy Queen sued Transition House and her former boss, Charles Crutchfield, in Fulton County Superior Court.
     Queen says that “Crutchfield was obsessed with Ms. Queen’s feet. He would always think of ways to touch her feet. He would try and take her shoes off and ask to massage her feet.”
     He claimed he was a massage therapist and kept a massage table in his office, and would “frequently ask her if he could give her a massage,” Queen says. “Ms Queen always refused.”
     She claims that Crutchfield “purchased lotions and was trying to rub them on Ms. Queen’s feet. He also purchased nail polish and continuously asked her if he could paint her toenails.
     “At this point, defendant Crutchfield began threatening Ms. Queen that she would be fired if she did not allow him to put lotion on her feet. He would then just pull her shoes off as she was telling him no. Ms. Queen was frightened that he was going to try to rape her.”
     The complaint contains a litany of other allegations, many of the unusual, to say the least. Queen, who is married, claims Crutchfield “was obsessed with Ms. Queen’s clothing. He would go through the department store circulars and circle the clothes that he thought would look good on Ms. Queen. After circling them, he would go out and buy the clothes and give them to Ms. Queen.
     “Shortly after, the clothes began to include lingerie. Ms. Queen would always tell defendant Crutchfield that she did not want the clothes from him and that her husband was getting really upset, but defendant Crutchfield would only buy her even more clothing.
     “There were many occasions where defendant Crutchfield would show up at Ms. Queen’s house and mow her grass. Even though Ms. Queen told him not to do that, he continued. Ms. Queen’s husband had witnessed defendant Crutchfield mowing the lawn.”
     He bought her jewelry, “some of which was very expensive and eventually included an engagement ring,” Queen says. She says she never kept it, but often gave it away “to another employer who wanted it.”
     Then, she says, he bought her bathing suits, and she refused his requests that she “try them on for him.”
     She says he touched her “inappropriately” and “would also force Ms. Queen to spray him with tanning lotion while he was wearing nothing but his boxer shorts.”
     He took photos of her “and pasted them all over a cabinet in his office,” the complaint states. “Ms. Queen showed this to Mr. Ed Brown, chief executive officer, but he did nothing about it.”
     She says he also “was creating a very hostile work environment by bringing prostitutes into his office and having sex with them at THI during the day. Some of the prostitutes that defendant Crutchfield was having sex with were in the THI program and he made them have sex with him to get into the program.”
     And, she says, when she complained to CEO Brown “about defendant Crutchfield’s offensive and inappropriate comments and actions, he told her that if she was not being touched that she should not be alarmed.”
     She wants punitive damages for assault, battery, negligence, and sexual harassment. She is represented by J. Stephen Mixon.

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